R tells you where weapons go

As an ameturer programmer (one without proper trainings in any mainstream programming language — C and Java) , the more I use R the more I understand the saying — “You are only bounded by your imagination”.

The other day I suddenly recalled that someone did a very impressive Facebook map. I then thought it would be nice if I can put these “flows” on the map (or of the same sort) created in my first post. So, I googled around and found this brilliant blog that teaches you how to make flows (Great circles) step by step.

Again, thanks to R, its great community and its openness, I created the following map of international weapon export in 2010 (from top 7 exporters). I hope someone who knows about weapon exports could share some stories with us. But, let’s all pray for PEACE.


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10 Responses to R tells you where weapons go

  1. Tal Galili says:

    Just note that an article in a blog is a “post” not a “blog”.

    Nice link 🙂
    (I’d be happy to see your code – you could consider using github for putting it there)


  2. songpants says:

    Cool post! I’d also be very interested in seeing your code! Would you mind sharing it?


  3. Great post! I’m not sure what’s more concerning with US being the top exporter or OPEC being one of the top importers.

  4. johnnykv says:

    Great stuff – show the code man! 🙂

  5. Tony Breyal says:

    Looking forward to seeing the code for this, nice post.

  6. jedifran says:

    great post. Would you consider sharing the code?

  7. Great visualisation. I particularly like the use of the pie charts at each destination node. These are the sort of graphs that make people take notice.

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