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Have I chosen the right power company?

Do you always wonder if I have chosen the right power company and have not been over charged? Your questions may be answered here (if you reside in Wellington, New Zealand). Power costs per day and per month_Oct_2012 shows which company … Continue reading

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R becomes a critical tool in government departments

Situation and Outlook for Primary Industries (2012) just published by New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (click to download page) demonstrates well that R is a limitless tool for analysis and graphing, and the capability of using R is growing in … Continue reading

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R tells you where weapons go

As an ameturer programmer (one without proper trainings in any mainstream programming language — C and Java) , the more I use R the more I understand the saying — “You are only bounded by your imagination”. The other day I … Continue reading

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When Wellington meets the “animation” package

The “animation” package is great for creating .gif files (of course, it also produces video and flash files thanks to Yihui Xie). By using this package, I would like to show you a nice spot in Wellington, NZ. At this … Continue reading

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Tutorial on using the rworldmap package

This blog following up my previous oneattempts to explain how the geo-pie map was created. I do not know how to attach a .rflow file in this blog. What you can do is to copy the following code into Notepad … Continue reading

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Let R fly: Visualizing Export Data using R

Having been using R for 5+ years, visiting daily, learning cool tricks from it and knowing cool UseRs from it, I finally decide to quit being an observer and start to be a contributor to this wonderful community. In this very … Continue reading

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